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this kitten is unbelievable

Your cute cat of the day

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When people say “culture is meant to be shared” I’m literally like ???? Because that has literally never been the purpose of any culture. Culture is about identity, community and family. It’s about tradition. It is not and has never been about “sharing”.

Say it!

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Petition to start calling the whites minorities because on a global scale they only make up about ten to twelve percent of the population.

I’ve been saying this. They use that word to minimize us.

Let’s do it!

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queer authors: make all your characters queer. every single one of them. leave no room for alternate cishet interpretations. make straight people uncomfortable. let them cry about how unrealistic it is that no one is cishet. bottle their tears and pour them over your morning pancakes. savor the taste of their discomfort.

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i like to think of my followers as a giant conga line and im at the front and whenever i get a new follower they receive a grass skirt and coconut bra and join the conga line and we all have a great time

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  • girl: we even finish each others s-
  • guy: quaaaaaaaaaaad FLOCKA

We went to the Olympic stadium in Istanbul today and the security were going to turn us away until they asked if we were Pakistani and we said yeah and they let us in and we had the entire thing to ourselves and we went pitch-side and took photos in the dugout where Liverpool won the champions league and what an amazing birthday present I was almost in tears.

“In Britain, Muslims make up 4.6 percent of the population; in France, 7.5 percent. The proportion of people who possessed unfavorable views of Jews in those countries was, respectively, 9 percent and 20 percent. But in Spain, where just 2.3 percent of the population is Muslim, almost half the population was ill disposed toward Jews, a figure that had more than doubled in three years. In Poland, there are just 20,000 Muslims, or about 0.1 percent of the population; more than a third of Poles held anti-Semitic views.”


behold, it is i, the evil social justice warrior, here to ruin your fun by pointing out that you’re being kind of an asshole

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brb trapped in a republican bathroom

i just realized how annoying it is when white people make white people jokes

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  • white person: why are you bring race into this topic too this so ridiculous!!!
  • white person: *kisses dog's mouth after it licks its asshole*